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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Heads up bar and nightclub owners in Toronto ON – – our free training on mobile marketing for bars and nightclubs is highly effective, low cost and the perfect tool for reaching club goers in Toronto, ON and all over Canada. If you’re not doing mobile marketing you need to be – get started now fast – for free![/headline_arial_medium_centered]

Mobile marketing for bars and mobile marketing for nightclubs just makes sense – have you seen the nightlife in Canada these days? Toronto partyers are dancing and drinking with cell phone in hand, texting their friends constantly. You need to be part of that interactive dialog – and text message marketing for bars can get you in the game. Check out our free training on mobile marketing for bars and nightclubs and learn tips for bringing in business to your Toronto establishment.


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Everybody is on their mobile phones all the time – when they walk – when they drive – even when they watch TV – use our tools to get in on that action. Your bar or nightclub needs to be using: SMS marketing, mobile apps for bars, QR codes and mobile coupons – Toronto club goers prefer interactive mobile experiences to paper leaflets, posted signage or emails. Text message marketing is the easiest way to reach out to your target crowd in Toronto ON.

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First you need a mobile website with geolocation function so people can find you – next you need a list of phone numbers of your regulars and any and all club goers – you generate that list by offering mobile apps for bars, through QR codes promotions and offering mobile coupons – Toronto party goers will come in by the droves for a drink special. Our free course on mobile marketing for bars and nightclubs will teach you:

  • How mobile marketing for bars can fill seats on slow nights to ramp revenues
  • Why mobile marketing for nightclubs is the preferred tool to promote your club
  • How your Toronto competitors are using text message marketing for bars to steal your customers
  • How simple it is to launch mobile apps for bars to further engage your clientele and build loyalty
  • Why text message marketing for bars is the most affordable, highest ROI promotional tool available
  • Which text message marketing and SMS marketing strategies will work best for you
  • How to get started with mobile apps Toronto partyers will love
  • How to develop the best mobile coupons Toronto club goers will respond to

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Mobile marketing for bars and nightclubs in Canada is easier than you can imagine – we have been teaching mobile marketing for bars and mobile marketing for nightclubs to business owners all over the world and now we’ve expanded to Toronto ON and are ready to help you.


SMS marketing for bars and nightclubs toronto canada


Text message marketing for bars is one of the easiest tool to understand and implement. Text message marketing is just sending out a message to customers with an offer – easy! When using SMS marketing for bars, Toronto ON is one of the most responsive markets we’ve seen. Text message marketing is opened and read 90% of the time – SMS marketing has a low implementation cost and you’ll get one of the highest response rate using SMS marketing for bars – Toronto ON is prime for your text offers.

Another of the easiest tool to use is mobile coupons – Toronto ON consumers love a discounted offer and will snap them up. QR codes are also simple and easy to implement. You can send the mobile coupons out using SMS marketing for bars – Toronto ON mobile coupon redemption rates are between 11-21% and climbing. This is a great use of SMS marketing.


mobile-couponing bars toronto

Mobile apps for bars are a little more complicated to implement, but we can show you how to use mobile apps. Toronto ON smart phone users love apps and download them by the millions each day. If you can develop mobile apps, Toronto club goers will download, play and know your business name.


mobile-apps bars and nightclubs toronto canada

The best starting point to learn all this is our free training videos and then start slow – develop a mobile website and then branch into SMS marketing for bars – Toronto ON mobile marketing doesn’t have to be complex – get started today for Free!

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[testimonial1_arial author=”Sean – Ajax, Toronto, ON“]“Me and a couple of buddies just launched a micro-brewery and bar combo. We needed business fast. When I saw your training on mobile marketing for bars, I jumped on it – this was the exact information we needed. We for a mobile marketing website set up right away so people could find us, then we posted QR codes around the area on phone poles, fences, everywhere that linked back to the site and offered a free sample of our brew to first-timers who joined our list. Then we used text message marketing for bars to tap the list with mobile coupons – Toronto beer fans have been incredibly responsive. Thanks for all the info – we’re planning on tapping into mobile apps for bars next –  ”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Lyle – The Annex, Toronto, ON“]“I just got hired on to manage a nightclub in Toronto. I was shocked to learn that they had no mobile marketing plan in place. I tried to explain it to them, but the concept of mobile marketing for nightclubs was hard to explain. When I found your free training on mobile marketing for bars and nightclubs, I knew I had the right tool to clarify it for the owners. Now they totally get it and are on board. We’ve launched a mobile website and a QR codes program to build our customer text database. As soon as we’ve got a couple thousand names on there we’re launching an SMS marketing component. Next, we’ve already started work on a couple of mobile apps – Toronto club goers are learning our name and coming in to check us out – thank you!”  [/testimonial1_arial]

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]Get started today watching our free videos on mobile marketing for bars and mobile marketing for nightclubs in ON Canada – including training on text message marketing and mobile apps – Toronto nightlife is increasingly mobile – tap into their devices to draw in business. Our free training can help you – watch now to see all the tips for SMS marketing for bars – Toronto, ON partyers want to find you![/features_box_light_blue]


Powerful Mobile Training for Bars in Toronto

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